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December 7, 2008

Humbles by Frances Leviston

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from personal site
If you have hit a deer on the road at dusk; 
climbed, shivering, out of your car 
with curses to investigate the damage 
done, and found it split apart and steaming 
far-flung in the nettle bed, utterly beyond repair,  (more…)

November 17, 2008

HAUNTED LOAF a poem by Chris McCabe

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She woke me from a pollen sleep to tell me it would be a day of peace.

These hardships, spoke the sun, give us another chance :
the first bionic sea-creature only made the news
because it got caught in a crab trap.

All that matrix blah of advice – but sometimes
uncles become uncles younger than their nephews.

The Question disarmed us : what were windmills for?
We worked backwards through every loaf we’d ever known
– best of boths, crustless, square – to find the answer.

Outside the democracy of the urinals was a box called

                        DRY RECYCABLES

so with love we clipped the baby’s nails to nano-crescents
to help the gnats believe they could reach the moon.

by Chris McCabe (UK) from Poetry International Web

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