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December 22, 2010

Chaplin: inventing a language. an a poem

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One obsession for XXth century poetry was the invention of a language.
Chaplin managed to do it. Here he is inventing not only the language but even the words in “Modern Times”

Charlie Chaplin Impersonates a Poet

The stage is set for imminent disaster.
Here is the little tramp, standing
On a stack of books in order
To reach the microphone, the
Poet he’s impersonating somehow
Trussed and mumbling in a
Tweed bundle at his feet.

He opens his mouth: Tra-la!
Out comes doves, incandescent bulbs,
Plastic roses. Well, that’s that,
Squirms the young professor who’s
Coordinated this,
No more visiting poets!

His department head groans
For the trap door. As it
Swings away

The tramp keeps on as if
Nothing has occurred,
A free arm mimicking
A wing.

a poem by Cornelius Eady from Poetry foundation

You can watch “Modern Timeshere the entire movie

Also, Hart Crane wrote a mythical poem on the theme as you can see below from American poems. (more…)

December 6, 2010

Unpublished poem by Philip Larkin broadcasted by BBC

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larkin and Betty Mackereth

Actor and comedian David Walliams is a great admirer of Philip Larkin’s poetry. To mark the 25-year anniversary of the poet’s death he talks to former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, who wrote a widely acclaimed biography of Larkin, about why he finds this poetry so appealing. (more…)

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