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October 7, 2010

Poetics of the quotidian turns Atelierelational

The event of live literature, Poetics of the Quotidian has been held weekly in Bucharest for the last five years. It was closed in June and became Atelierelational since September.

Ioan Es Pop si Razvan Tupa at Atelierelationale#1 in September 2010According to Razvan Tupa, the host of the event “Atelierelational is a new series of events that will involve more the participants from the audience. Poetics of the quotidian did it’s job. It launched a platform of regullar meetings between writers and audience. Now it’s time to hear the audience and to prepare the stage for the very young authors that are to publish their first books.”

The new format of the meetings includes video samples with international poetry and offers to the participants the notebooks of poetry, a thin notebook intended to support the writing of each participant.

Atelierelational is every Saturday at 17.00 in Cafe Dalles (18th Nicolae Balcescu Bd) in Bucharest.

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