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December 19, 2010

Major Poetry Awards for 2010

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All around the world there are a few awards for poetry that are a mark of quality of this art and manage to rise the public attention over contemporary poets, even when they are well established as authors in their own comunities.

One of the most important poetry awards in Italy is presented by City of Florence. This year the Carlo Betocchi Prize for poetry was awarded to Patrizia Valduga as she made her own the „crisis of modern lyrical language, managing to give it new literary dignity thanks to an inspired, and striking recovery of contaminated forms and meters of Italian most illustrious tradition.” (Pierfrancesco Listri)

Golden Wreath of Poetry for Struga Poetry Evenings festival was awarded to the Bulgarian author Lyubomir Levchev.

The Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (United States) went to Rae Armantrout for Versed, “a book striking for its wit and linguistic inventiveness, offering poems that are often little thought-bombs detonating in the mind long after the first reading.” as the jury described the collection: “What if there were a hidden pleasure/ in calling one thing/ by another’s name?//” quoted on Cati Poter blog (more…)

December 13, 2010

Tony Curtis, Welsh contemporary poet

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Tony Curtis is Professor of Poetry at the University of Glamorgan where he directs the M. Phil Writing course. In 2001 he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and was awarded a D. Litt in 2004.  He has toured extensively giving poetry readings and lectures and won the 1993 Dylan Thomas Award and a Cholmondeley Award in 1997. He lives in Barry, Wales. from contemporary writers

When Sometimes all I can Imagine are Hands

 There is a winter within me,
 a place so cold, so covered in snow,
 I rarely go there. But sometimes,
 when all I can imagine are hands,
 when trees in the forest
 look like they’re made of wood,
 then I know it’s time
 to take my photograph of Akhmatova
 and sling it in a bag with socks and scarves.
 My neighbours must think it strange
 to see me strapping on my snowshoes,
 to hear me roar at the huskies
 as I untangle the harness.
 But when all you can imagine are hands
 it’s best to give a little wave
 and move out into the whiteness.

from Inpress

And a video using one of his poems:


October 7, 2010

Poetics of the quotidian turns Atelierelational

The event of live literature, Poetics of the Quotidian has been held weekly in Bucharest for the last five years. It was closed in June and became Atelierelational since September.

Ioan Es Pop si Razvan Tupa at Atelierelationale#1 in September 2010According to Razvan Tupa, the host of the event “Atelierelational is a new series of events that will involve more the participants from the audience. Poetics of the quotidian did it’s job. It launched a platform of regullar meetings between writers and audience. Now it’s time to hear the audience and to prepare the stage for the very young authors that are to publish their first books.”

The new format of the meetings includes video samples with international poetry and offers to the participants the notebooks of poetry, a thin notebook intended to support the writing of each participant.

Atelierelational is every Saturday at 17.00 in Cafe Dalles (18th Nicolae Balcescu Bd) in Bucharest.

June 26, 2010

the poetry of soccer

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How do legends move? Pindar, the greatest ancient poet used to write about sports champions. Where is the poetry that builts the legends of today? It maybe dwells in our eyes ready to be discovered.
I had chosen scenes with soccer legends and a friend told me to compare it with contemporary poets.
The soccer show can be paralleled with language show found in poetry. For each decade I found poets contemporary with the legendary soccer actions.

~2000 Zidane – as from lines by Billy Collins (n.1941) / Suheir Hammad (n.1973)/ Yehuda Amichai (1924 – 2000)

anii 80-90 Maradona with all kind of precious moves as from Nimah Nawwab (n.1966)/ (more…)

October 22, 2008

some notes for some readings i atended in Bratislava

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poets I have seen performing in Bratislava (as I managed to note) some of the notes are only for the performance in Slovak or German (languages that I’m a bit rusty at)

  • Pamela BEASANT-remember
  • Jana BENOVA
  • Tamas FILIP
  • Carolyn FORCHE -voice of poetry
  • Christian FUTSCHER – you will find hard to belive but, he’ real
  • Maria GALINA – windows to poetry
  • Ulrikka S. GERNES – sees herself in you
  • Yvonne GRAY
  • Andrej HABLAK
  • Michal JARES
  • Rudolf JUROLEK
  • Marzanna KIELAR – fragile poetry
  • Meta KUSAR
  • Katalin LADIK – serious performance
  • Andreas NEUMEISTER – photos with questions
  • John O DONOGHUE – nostalgy fun
  • Marcus POETTLER – just poetry
  • Robert PROSSER – power poetry
  • Justyna RADCZYNSKA – listen
  • Arne RAUTENBERG – in control
  • Martin SKYPALA – just hear him in Slovak
  • Arkadij STYPEL – game of seriousness
  • Francesco TOMADA – youth of poetry
  • Razvan TUPA – my notes in this post
  • Anja UTLER -the three heads of poetry
  • Johanna VENHO – voice dance
  • Michele ZAFFARANO – poetry inside
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