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December 19, 2010

Major Poetry Awards for 2010

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All around the world there are a few awards for poetry that are a mark of quality of this art and manage to rise the public attention over contemporary poets, even when they are well established as authors in their own comunities.

One of the most important poetry awards in Italy is presented by City of Florence. This year the Carlo Betocchi Prize for poetry was awarded to Patrizia Valduga as she made her own the „crisis of modern lyrical language, managing to give it new literary dignity thanks to an inspired, and striking recovery of contaminated forms and meters of Italian most illustrious tradition.” (Pierfrancesco Listri)

Golden Wreath of Poetry for Struga Poetry Evenings festival was awarded to the Bulgarian author Lyubomir Levchev.

The Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (United States) went to Rae Armantrout for Versed, “a book striking for its wit and linguistic inventiveness, offering poems that are often little thought-bombs detonating in the mind long after the first reading.” as the jury described the collection: “What if there were a hidden pleasure/ in calling one thing/ by another’s name?//” quoted on Cati Poter blog (more…)

December 6, 2010

Unpublished poem by Philip Larkin broadcasted by BBC

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larkin and Betty Mackereth

Actor and comedian David Walliams is a great admirer of Philip Larkin’s poetry. To mark the 25-year anniversary of the poet’s death he talks to former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion, who wrote a widely acclaimed biography of Larkin, about why he finds this poetry so appealing. (more…)

December 7, 2008

Humbles by Frances Leviston

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from personal site
If you have hit a deer on the road at dusk; 
climbed, shivering, out of your car 
with curses to investigate the damage 
done, and found it split apart and steaming 
far-flung in the nettle bed, utterly beyond repair,  (more…)

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