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July 27, 2013

Bringing poets and poetry toghether

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Literature Across Frontiers gathered poets from all around the world in India, Turkey and Morocco (until now).
Alexandra Büchler from Literature Across Frontiers explains the concept: “they have to be able to give and take, to explain their work, but also to engage with the work of others”.

Arjun Bali (India)
Sampurna Chattarji (India)
Bill Herbert (Scotland)
Meena Kandasamy (India)
Robin Ngangom (India)
Roselyne Sibille (France)
Zoe Skoulding (Wales)
Raphael Urweider (Switzerland)

December 13, 2010

Tony Curtis, Welsh contemporary poet

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Tony Curtis is Professor of Poetry at the University of Glamorgan where he directs the M. Phil Writing course. In 2001 he was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and was awarded a D. Litt in 2004.  He has toured extensively giving poetry readings and lectures and won the 1993 Dylan Thomas Award and a Cholmondeley Award in 1997. He lives in Barry, Wales. from contemporary writers

When Sometimes all I can Imagine are Hands

 There is a winter within me,
 a place so cold, so covered in snow,
 I rarely go there. But sometimes,
 when all I can imagine are hands,
 when trees in the forest
 look like they’re made of wood,
 then I know it’s time
 to take my photograph of Akhmatova
 and sling it in a bag with socks and scarves.
 My neighbours must think it strange
 to see me strapping on my snowshoes,
 to hear me roar at the huskies
 as I untangle the harness.
 But when all you can imagine are hands
 it’s best to give a little wave
 and move out into the whiteness.

from Inpress

And a video using one of his poems:


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