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December 7, 2010

Jose Manuel Caballero Bonald- contemporary Spanish poetry

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Jose Manuel Caballero Bonald (Jerez de la Frontera, 1926), makes his lyric rich considering the passage of time. from http://www.spanisharts.com He is well known as a novelist as his Mar adentro novel fascinated milions when it made it to the cinema screen. But he is also an important poet.

I Do Not Know from Whence You Come
Now I remember the speakable river
that flowed below your name, the house in whose kingdom
the bitter day walked, meandering
around the clear maternal walls.
I remember it all together, although, I don’t know,
something escapes me like a remnant
of light, like a sense of absence,
something that I forget and yet understand
that it is most decisive. And suddently
I no longer remember anything, I no longer know anything of yours.

From Spanish Poetry of the Twentieth Century: Modernity and Beyond

and another video with the author reading in Spanish. (more…)

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