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March 23, 2011

Ulf Stolterfoht, contemporary German poet

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Ulf Stolterfoht has studied German literature and philology in Tübingen and Bochum.
Even before the publication of his debut volume in 1998, his poems already appeared in various journals and anthologies.
Winner of the PEN Award For Poetry In Translation, 2008
Lingos takes as its playground all the cultural baggage of our turn of the century and examines it with a mix of deconstruction, parody and sheer exuberance. The poems flaunt their intent to avoid linearity, prefabricated meaning and the lyrical I. Instead, they cultivate irony, punning, fragmenting, juxtaposing, distorting, and subject everything to an almost compulsive humor — the author and his own methods included.
Ulf Stolterfoht was born in 1963 in Stuttgart and now lives in Berlin with his wife and three children. His 3 books of poems are all called Fachsprachen [lingos, jargons, technical terms] and are all published by Urs Engeler Editor:

Fachsprachen I-IX (1998), Fachsprachen X-XVIII (2002), which received the Hans-Erich-Nossack-Förderpreis and the Christine Lavant-Preis respectively, and most recently, in 2004, Fachsprachen XIX-XXVII, for which he received the Anna-Seghers-Prize in 2005 and a stipendium to the German Academy in Rome.
From 2008 to 2009 he was professor at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig.
Stolterfoht lives in Berlin.
From Burning Deck.


what still remains of “songless” — “an earnest bird”

brings up. no earnest bird discusses what

seemed essentially the fact. he as it were cancels

himself out. you mentally shake your head. you nod.

you say i see. this must the essence of negation be.

and what’s confusing at a second glance:… NO X




HORSES (… carry you away) at a third holds

up and fast. no one horse holds so fast.

eleven horses or else nine: carry

you away. just as no ten. they hold you

fast. then let’s have at it at no zero

horses — to sidle/bridle up! a matter




(to remove last lingering doubts): not not to be

neglected. not to forget: forgotten. to

hunger. simply done. resolved: to cut

the bread. forgets. is now (the bread harder

and harder) to cut to be called to “saw”?

may your speech be yea yea / nay nay!




what’s likewise hard to clarify: if probably perhaps

exists. tendency: perhaps. probably not.

but here you quickly stand alone. and can’t help make

a stand for “nonsense absolute” as having making

sense some. unprofitable enterprise: not only not

to say not / to do un. but then its beauty too.



Other Poems can be read in the Fascicle.

December 26, 2010

Anja Utler, contemporary German poetry

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Anja Utler (1973) was born in Schwandorf, Germany. She studied Slavic languages and English. In 2003 she graduated in Russian lyric poetry from Regensburg and now lives as a free-lance poet in Vienna. Her most recent books of poetry were published under the titles münden – entzüngeln (mouthing – delinguation, 2004) and brinnen (2006). Among other prizes, she was awarded the Leonce-und-Lena-Preis (2003) and the Förderpreis der deutschen Schillerstiftung von 1859 prize (2006). (from Ars Poetica)

                    Articulation also occasionally occurs
                    [. . .] when inhaling (inverse sound).
                    Thus, for example, an inverse [f] is used
                    from time to time for the expression of a
                    sudden, mild pain.
                    R. Arnold / K. Hansen
much later is:
as if rattling as if: the breath got going and
along the edge capsules crackling, even cracking
the seeds they: spurt spray deeper, back
from the shoreline, across the land
before that:
tongue lining the gums with whispers
chirruping, trilling in the (. . .) in the heat
lost in haze – fresh-cut grass – it’s
whirring past – an echo – the wind

© 2003, Anja Utler
From: münden – entzüngeln
Publisher: Edition Korrespondenzen, Wien, Austria 2004
ISBN: 3-902113-33-2

© Translation: 2004, Tony Frazer
From: Mouth to Mouth. Contemporary German Poetry in Translation
Edited by Thomas Wohlfarth and Tobias Lehmkuhl.
Publisher: Giramondo Publishing Company: Newcastle, Australia 2004,

from Poetry International

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