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December 29, 2010

WikiLeaks poetry and a documentary

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Information can win wars. In a strange logical twist, it seems to be more expensive to cover things up than to let information circulate. Actually, if information is known to open societies, I cannot remember one situation that secrecy managed to save anything. Except the idea that without secrecy manipulation becomes problematic. Let my information go! became the implicit logo of Julian Assange. As a Hacker, he used the alias of “mendax” from the phrase made famous by Horace, “splendide mendax”.

One only, true to Hymen’s flame,
Was traitress to her sire forsworn:
That splendid falsehood lights her name
Through times unborn

from Carm. 3.11

Una de multis face nuptiali
Digna periurum fuit in parentem
Splendide mendax et in omne virgo
Nobilis aevum;

from Gutemberg proj

or the literal translation that goes

One out of the many, worthy of the nuptial torch, was nobly false to her perjured parent, and a maiden illustrious to all posterity;

also gutenberg org


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  1. eu am inteles ca e vb de o fecioara care si-a pastrat fecioria si si-a mintit tatal si pentru astea doua a ramas cunoscuta pentru urmasi. sunt oare pe aproape? mendax cred ca e stramosul etimologic al verbului “a minti”.

    Comment by Ovidiu — December 31, 2010 @ 8:25 pm

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