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December 6, 2010

Katalin Ladik- Hungarian performance poet

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The Hungarian poet and performance artist Katalin Ladik is able to embody the sense of poetry as action. I saw one of her readings in Bratislava at Ars Poetica Festival and it was the only poet able to electrize the audience without any translation.

She manages to pass linguistic barriers but, again any translation of her poetry is at least difficult to be made (or shuld I say “performed”). Her activity covers a wide area that includes performance and sound poetry, with a force that captures any kind of audience no matter how illiterate in contemporary poetry can they be.

Katalin Ladik is an actor and author, a member of the Bosch & Bosch Group, which was active in Subotica from 1969 to 1976, and now lives in Budapest. She explores language through visual, auditory, and gesticular models, with her works ranging from collages, photography, records, performances and happenings in the city and in nature.

from Kontakt collection.

All Lit Up, Combing Her Hair

Can’t be an ocean either
waves of chair layer on her.
She is drowning under the glory.
Combing her hair in the waves.
All lit up, the chairs run her down
she parts them and combs their hair.
Gently she drapes her body over them, like the ocean.

— translated from the Hungarian by Emöke Z. B’Racz from Asheville Poetry Review 1995
A reading of Ladik Katalin in 2007 in Budapest

You can watch one of her performances at the link below

Ladik Katalin, Czapáry Veronika: Trip-Ti-Chon from www.czaparyveronika.extra.hu on Vimeo.


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