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October 29, 2008

A poem of a young poet from Egypt

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I searched pretty much for  contemporary Arab poetry. Not always the result  has been pleasing. This time I found it at lest interesting.

At this website I found a lot of egyptian literature. I enjoyed this  poem of a young poet.


Rana al-Tonsi

A Rose for the Last Days


 Rana al-Tonsi


On one foot

like a humiliated beggar I limp

past all the swinging doors

and the flags that are taken down from their masts . . .

The sidewalk was never my friend

but it embraced me those times

when the crying was tough and bitter


In my country

soldiers go to a war

where they never fight

In every coffeehouse or square

under the feet of the sick, the sad and insane

you can glimpse the trace of a rose

thrown into the arms of nurses

in lonely rooms inhabited by wailing,

a rose drawn in blood.


I cannot believe the car has yet to stop

that I fell out of it

like a scream

I know the lift attendant

never jumps off the fences

and that rocks keep wounding me

even though I’ve roamed for too long.


On one foot

death will come

and raise its head

Facing it, I will embrace this man strongly

and strangle all the poems in his hands

I will crush my bones under his hot breaths

My lungs are becoming two tubes

my feet like a battlefield

my heart a noose.

Am I really dead?

Only a while ago

I was smelling that homeland.


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