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October 22, 2008

some notes for some readings i atended in Bratislava

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poets I have seen performing in Bratislava (as I managed to note) some of the notes are only for the performance in Slovak or German (languages that I’m a bit rusty at)

  • Pamela BEASANT-remember
  • Jana BENOVA
  • Tamas FILIP
  • Carolyn FORCHE -voice of poetry
  • Christian FUTSCHER – you will find hard to belive but, he’ real
  • Maria GALINA – windows to poetry
  • Ulrikka S. GERNES – sees herself in you
  • Yvonne GRAY
  • Andrej HABLAK
  • Michal JARES
  • Rudolf JUROLEK
  • Marzanna KIELAR – fragile poetry
  • Meta KUSAR
  • Katalin LADIK – serious performance
  • Andreas NEUMEISTER – photos with questions
  • John O DONOGHUE – nostalgy fun
  • Marcus POETTLER – just poetry
  • Robert PROSSER – power poetry
  • Justyna RADCZYNSKA – listen
  • Arne RAUTENBERG – in control
  • Martin SKYPALA – just hear him in Slovak
  • Arkadij STYPEL – game of seriousness
  • Francesco TOMADA – youth of poetry
  • Razvan TUPA – my notes in this post
  • Anja UTLER -the three heads of poetry
  • Johanna VENHO – voice dance
  • Michele ZAFFARANO – poetry inside
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